N E W    T E C H N O L O G Y    K I T C H E N    E X H A U S T    S Y S T E M S

Coanda offers the latest generation in Exhaust Hood Technology

enabling you to build kitchens where they were never possible before.

Save tens of thousands of dollars on base build costs.


Coanda Hoods have one unique feature - the supply air is configured to cling to the curved face, controlling the direction of supply air.

This “Coanda effect” creates a horizontal air curtain to contain smoke and fumes within the hood just as the fumes become weakest.


This improves capture & it cools the Chef.  With a diminished overhang, it ensures the Chef’s head is not surrounded by fumes.

The internal radius also uses Coanda to scour the horizontal soffit of the hood with air to prevent condensation from steamy discharges

Check it out in operation - see the incredible capture for yourself.


a solution for every application

The benefits are endless with Coanda technology.


Run lower airflows and smaller ducts – perfect for tight situations and heritage buildings.

Discharge into public spaces  without annoying the neighbours.

Run charcoal and standard equipment in the same duct.

Super low profile means you can fit it where others won’t – we can go as low as 350mm.

Increase your cooking capacity by up to 35% without having to replace existing ductwork.

Our exceptional capture rate means less costly duct cleaning and reduced fire risk

C O A N D A   H O O D S   B L O G


Keep up to date with the latest news from Coanda Hoods and read about some of the latest installations of the innovative Coanda Hoods range of Kitchen Exhaust Systems.


H O W   D O E S   I T   W O R K ?


Cooinda’s unique curved front controls and directs the airstream ensuring maximum capture with minimum airflow.​

Coanda Fire-Rated Coil Pack Filters are incredibly efficient capturing around 90% of particulate at 5 microns.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – we can add additional treatment components easily if required – a complete solution.

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