C O A N D A   R E T R O F I T   H O O D S

Coanda Hoods can retrofit an existing hood to perform with 30% to 40% LESS air volume than traditional canopies.


  • This hood is a retrofit accessory ideal for existing kitchen environments where there is benefit in re-use of the existing hood.

  • The C1.1VR Hood uses the Coanda face to improve the capture of an existing hood.

  • The supply air follows the Coanda face, corralling exhaust fumes into the hood.

  • The result is that an existing hood can be re-used with similar air quantities and still maintain capture & compliance to modern standards


  • Canopy accessory is manufactured completely from AISI 304 1.2mm No 4 finish Stainless Steel.

  • Supply air distributed via Coanda face of hood at low velocity.

  • Permits an existing hood to perform with 30% to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional canopies.

  • Custom dimensions to suit each application.

Increase your cooking capacity by up to 30% without necessarily having to replace the Hood, Duct or Fans. 


In some cases we can retro fit our Coanda technology and filters to an existing hood if it’s not possible to replace the existing components, but you need to increase capture, capacity or depth.



  • Keeps the Air Clean

  • Removing Excess Heat

  • Better Kitchen Lighting


  • Improves Your Property Value

  • Cooking & Living in Comfort