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Gen 1 the first of its' type.

Super-efficient and the first iteration of the Coanda technology

Coanda Generation 2.jpg



Gen 2, the latest technology and our current model. Reduced footprint and introduced the “Stealth” profile

Coanda Generation 3
Coanda Generation 2 Coming Soon.jpg

Our latest


Gen 3, our latest innovation

Greater airflow control, new super easy changeout filter system, plus all the benefits of the previous models

Coanda Hoods Reticulation Systems.jpg

Reduced airflow requirements when you can run full sized ducts, but need the performance

Coanda Public Space Discharge.jpg

Discharge into public spaces without odour or smoke problems

Coanda Retrofit Kitchen Hoods.jpg

Need more capacity out of your current system, but don’t want to replace the Hood, fan or rebuild the entire duct system – Coanda retrofit is for you

Coanda Solid Fuel

Solid Fuel Hoods without drains to achieve that sleek look.

Coanda Fire Choke
Coanda Generation 2 Coming Soon.jpg

Extinguish and prevent duct fires spreading with the revolutionary Coanda Fire choke


Retrofittable to existing duct tracks with no moving parts and no electrical connection for failsafe protection

Coanda Generation 2 Coming Soon.jpg

Utilise this hood for 100% air recirculation over an all-electric cooking line.


No external ductwork or flues required.

Coanda Generation 2 Coming Soon.jpg

Use this retrofittable tube to balance airflows when there are multiple hoods with different airflow requirements connected to the one riser.


As it’s adjustable if the configuration changes you can easily re-balance the system.


Perfect for food courts and larger operations.

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