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A B O U T   U S

Coanda hoods were developed in 2018 in conjunction with our manufacturing partner Austmont and a specialist engineering firm.


The genesis of the idea that makes the hoods so special came from our engineering partner making a cup of coffee and observing how water moved over the back of the teaspoon – the Coanda effect.


From this “seed” of inspiration we delved deeper into the requirements of the market and found that there were numerous issues that were not being fulfilled by existing products.


Much of this was driven by the move to more inner city dining in buildings that either had food and beverage tenancies on the ground floor and residents above or were heritage listed.

Just a few of the issues we’ve had to overcome are:

  • Low ceiling heights

  • Public space discharge

  • Small duct requirements

  • Acoustic sensitivity

  • Odour mitigation

Coanda Hoods unique properties have enabled us to successfully navigate these obstacles for some of the country’s most prestigious operators.


In 2019 we successfully released our reticulation component, in 2020 we released the Gen 2 hood that allowed us to utilise a totally flat front that provided the “stealth” profile and in 2021 we are releasing the Gen 3 which offers a smaller footprint with additional flexibility.


At Coanda we continue to innovate and evolve along with our customers’ requirements.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.


Being a part of the Dunbrae Group of Companies, Coanda Hoods are able to offer an Australia-wide sales, spare parts and after sales service.


Dunbrae Pty Ltd was founded in 1978 and is an Australian national business that employs over 300 people with its head office in Sydney. The company, trading as Global Food Equipment and Austmont Pty Ltd, engages in the marketing, selling, and servicing of food service and beverage equipment in Australia. The company provides bakery products; such as:

  • bread slicers

  • bun divider/rounders

  • convection ovens

  • donut machines

  • planetary mixers & spiral mixers

  • rack ovens

  • retarder provers & blast chillers

  • tins and trays

  • deli/small goods equipment

  • cooking equipment and dishwashing equipment

  • hot/cold displays

  • refrigeration products or equipment

Within the Dunbrae group are the below companies that work simultaneously to provide satisfied customers with a range of products and services whilst having the best contact most appropriate to their business.

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