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C O A N D A   G E N E R A T I O N   2


Totally flush with the ceiling is now possible with Coanda Gen 2




Coanda Generation 1


Coanda Generation 2


We’ve remodelled the Coanda curve on the front so that it can be encased in a “stealth box”, this enables us to hide the curve and mount the unit level with the ceiling so that you can’t see the hood, or you can incorporate it in architectural features – perfect for open kitchens!

We’ve re-designed the makeup air plenum to make it shorter and removed the bottom louvres, this gives a “sleeker” look, makes cleaning easier and reduces the overall profile of the hood.

All of this has been achieved while maintaining the features and advantages of the Generation 1 hood:

  • Low profile - Put kitchens where previously not possible

  • Reduced airflow requirements - Smaller ducts and lower base build costs

  • Flexibility - Overcome building constraints that others can’t

  • Public space discharge possible - Avoid thousands of dollars of extra ductwork

  • Custom solutions available - We can tailer a solution to virtually every application

  • Multiple air treatment options available - Be confident that you will not annoy the neighbours with smells and smoke

  • Unsurpassed capture rates - Reduced fire risk as we keep over 90%of the grease out of the duct system

  • Easy to clean - Just run the filters through a single cycle in a standard dishwasher, as easy as that

  • Reduced duct maintenance​ - Because we keep most of the grease out of the ductwork there is much less maintenance required

  • Untempered make up air - You don’t have to air-condition your makeup air and then send it straight up the duct, energy saving in the extreme



​Coanda Hoods were  developed to solve a number of issues that our customers had been experiencing, including:


  • ​The need for smaller ducts – Important with retrofits in existing buildings.

  • The need to the exhaust and makeup spigots to be positioned either on the top, back,  front or either end - Important with Heritage and older buildings due to need to work around pre-existing services.

  •  The need for a low profile – Important with many buildings having low ceiling heights.

  •  The need to prevent breech of smoke and fumes into the kitchen, even with low air volumes – Important for OH&S and staff comfort.

  •  The need for increased fire protection – important for safety, our unique coil pack filters are UL1046 accredited.

  •  The need for clean air discharge – Important for public space discharge, our coil pack filters are UDI2052 accredited.

  •  The need for Untempered M/U air – Important as it significantly reduces operational costs and uniquely possible with Coanda technology as the Chef is not in the Makeup airstream.

  • The need for simple filter cleaning and reduced duct maintenance – Important as it significantly reduces cleaning costs and the potential of fire, possible as our filters capture up to 95% of particles down to 8 micron in size.​

  • Coanda Hoods are designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials.  Their  sleek geometry and material combinations, create a modern, personalised look.



  • Low profile

  • Reduced airflow requirements

  • Flexibility

  • Public space discharge possible

  • Custom solutions available

  • Multiple air treatment options available

  • Unsurpassed capture rates

  • Easy to clean

  • Reduced duct maintenance​


  • Coanda Hoods are manufactured from ASI304 1.2mm no 4 finish S/S

  • Unique Coanda “Curve” M/U air plenum

  • Led strip lighting

  • Front cup coil pack filters

  • Removable louvred makeup air deflectors



Coanda Hoods are certified by an independent specialist engineering firm providing certainty of performance.

To meet code requirements, the kitchen room still requires an air change of 5L/s/sqm. An exhaust port with 100Pa external static allows the discharge to provide this exhaust or it can be separate.

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