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C O A N D A   P U B L I C   S P A C E   D I S C H A R G E 

H I G H   P E R F O R M A N C E   H O O D S


Run Charcoal & Standard Equipment through the same Duct with our scalable treatment solutions



Coanda public space discharge utilises all of the standard Coanda features and is a proven technology that we’ve incorporated into a number of operations.


Coanda Hoods are manufactured completely from AISI 304 1.2mm No 4 finish Stainless Steel.

Supply and reticulated air are distributed via Coanda face of hood at low velocity ensuring maximum capture while mitigating breach.


We utilise this arrangement when traditional ducting to the roof is either impractical due to aesthetics or cost, or simply not possible.



Through our unique treatment processes we are able to discharge into public spaces without impacting the neighbours.


Coanda public space discharge utilises the regular Coanda features such as the patented curve, coil pack filters, ozone generators, disposable polishing filters and aspirated diffusers to ensure maximum particulate capture and airstream dilution.


When a standard discharge isn’t possible we can achieve the impossible through our Coanda public space discharge technology.

The supply air follows the Coanda face, corralling exhaust fumes into the filtration process.

The result is a safe and clean discharge with minimal odour.



  • Coanda Generation 1 hoods are manufactured from ASI304 1.2mm no 4 finish S/S.

  • Unique Coanda “Curve” M/U air plenum.

  • Led strip lighting.

  • Front cup coil pack filters.

  • Removable louvred makeup air deflectors.

  • Corona Discharge Ozone generator, including piping kit. Generator comes with ozone sensors and alarms for safe use in a ventilated room.

  • Custom dimensions to suit each application. 

  • Coil pack filters – UL and NSF classified. These Filters remove up to 80% of particles with a size of 5 microns or above thus removing most odour and grease from the discharge.

  • Disposable scrubbing filters to adsorb 90% of the smaller particle sizes of grease.

  • Ready to install” standard delivery packages with lighting as well as commissioning ports for field balancing.


Coanda public space discharge over the footpath at Fish Lane Brisbane

This was utilised because the building owner could not run internal ducting and it was too expensive to run it up the outside of 9 storeys of residential building.


Coanda public space discharge into the seating area at Southside Brisbane

This was utilised as aesthetically it was not possible to run external ducting and there was no space to run it internally.



Coanda hoods are certified by an independent specialist engineering firm providing certainty of performance.

To meet code requirements, the kitchen room still requires an air change of 5L/s/sqm. An exhaust port with 100Pa external static allows the discharge to provide this exhaust or it can be separate.

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