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C O A N D A   G E N E R A T I O N   1


The Coanda Generation 1 was the first iteration of the revolutionary Coanda kitchen exhaust technology we developed.

It was based around solving a number of issues that our customers had been experiencing, including:

  • The need for smaller ducts – Important with retrofits in existing buildings.

  • The need to the exhaust and makeup spigots to be positioned either on the top, back,  front or either end - Important with Heritage and older buildings due to need to work around pre-existing services.

  • The need for a low profile – Important with many buildings having low ceiling heights.

  • The need to prevent breech of smoke and fumes into the kitchen, even with low air volumes – Important for OH&S and staff comfort.

  • The need for increased fire protection – important for safety, our unique coil pack filters are UL1046 accredited.

  • The need for clean air discharge – Important for public space discharge, our coil pack filters are UDI2052 accredited.

  • The need for Untempered M/U air – Important as it significantly reduces operational costs and uniquely possible with Coanda technology as the Chef is not in the Makeup airstream.

  • The need for simple filter cleaning and reduced duct maintenance – Important as it significantly reduces cleaning costs and the potential of fire, possible as our filters capture up to 95% of particles down to 8 micron in size.

Coanda Hoods are designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials.  Their  sleek geometry and material combinations, create a modern, personalised look.

  • Multiple air treatment options available

  • Unsurpassed capture rates

  • Easy to clean

  • Reduced duct maintenance​



  • ​Low profile

  • Reduced airflow requirements

  • Flexibility

  • Public space discharge possible

  • Custom solutions available


  • Coanda Generation 1 hoods are manufactured from ASI304 1.2mm no 4 finish S/S

  • Unique Coanda “Curve” M/U air plenum

  • Led strip lighting

  • Front cup coil pack filters

  • Removable louvred makeup air deflectors


  • Coanda hoods are certified by an independent specialist engineering firm providing certainty of performance

To meet code requirements, the kitchen room still requires an air change of 5L/s/sqm. An exhaust port with 100Pa external static allows the discharge to provide this exhaust or it can be separate.

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