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you tube channel kitchen exhaust hoods

Testing the capture at Merlo Coffee, Bowen Hills.


As you can see, we had the smoke machine pointing straight out of the cooking surface and created far more smoke, in a direction you would never have in operation.

Testing the capture of the new combi Hood at Society Melbourne

Coanda showing excellent capture at Yakimono in Melbourne

 Coil pack filter efficiency


Check out how full the front of the filter is with grease and how clean the back is!  No grease or fire risk in the duct with our coil pack filters.

Seen here at Grill’d Sydney we installed a retrofit system as they were receiving complaints about smoke and odour which have since been solved by the installation of the Coanda retrofit system to their existing hood

The Coanda curve in action


We overwhelmed the hood with a smoke machine and you can see as the smoke tried to escape out the front it’s pushed back in by the patented Coanda curve preventing breech.

World’s first – Coanda reticulation in action


This was previously a café with a limited cookline and multiple floors of other tenancies above


It was not possible to increase the duct sizing so with Coanda’s unique reticulation system we were able to increase a café cook line to a 7M long high volume one of 1,000 MJ and not increase the duct sizes saving over $100,000 in base build costs and months of additional time.

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