H O W   D O E S   I T   W O R K ?

coanda generation 2 commercial kitchen e

Our unique patented technology directs air in two distinct streams over the cooking surface ensuring much greater capture rates with minimum airflow.

  • Smaller ducts

  • Less smoke and fumes on the Chef

  • Cheaper to run

  • Retrofittable


Our fire rated Coil pack filters are incredibly efficient capturing around 90% of particulate at 5 microns.

  • Less costly cleaning required

  • Greater safety due to reduced fire risk

  • Lower emissions mean less impact on the neighbours

coanda commercial kitchen exhaust hoods

Minimise the effect on the neighbours and have the ability to discharge into a public space.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – we can add additional treatment components easily if required for a complete solution.

  • Disposable rear mount polishing filters – remove virtually all particulate from the airstream

  • Corona ozone generators – Kill additional smoke and smells

  • Fogging systems – Cool the duct and dampen odours