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H O W   I T   W O R K S

coanda generation 2 commercial kitchen e

Our unique patented technology directs air in two distinct streams over the cooking surface ensuring much greater capture rates with minimum airflow.

  • Smaller ducts

  • Less smoke and fumes on the Chef

  • Cheaper to run

  • Retrofittable

On the LHS you can see the blue water adhering to the curve and being directed where we want it, on the RHS you can see red water going straight down and not changing direction.

Here you can see the Coanda curve forcing the smoke back into the hood and preventing breach.

W H E R E   D I D   T H E   I D E A   C O M E   F R O M ?


Oddly enough from watching the way water from a tap is attracted to the back of a spoon and then passes over the tip.


The Physician Thomas Young first reported an unusual effect in a lecture to the Royal Society in 1800 detailing how fluids can adhere to the outside of a curve they are passing over.


In 1910 Romanian Aeronautical Engineer Henri Coanda (who the effect is named after) saw how the effect caused the smoke from the engine manifold to stick to the side of his plane.


His later works in understanding this effect enabled him to harness it which is a cornerstone of how we control airflow in our exhaust hoods.

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