M O D U L A R   H O O D   ( S T A N D A R D   H O O D )


  • This hood is Ideal for new kitchen environments where there is benefit in reducing the extent of extraction air.

  • The C1.1VN Hood uses the Coanda face and Veritech filters to produce a low flow hood with a clean discharge.

  • The supply air follows the Coanda face, corralling exhaust fumes into the hood.

  • The result is the discharge is safe & clean and only requires minimal odour treatment to discharge at street level.

Coanda Hoods are designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials.  Their  sleek geometry and material combinations, create a modern, personalised look.


  • Canopy is manufactured completely from AISI 304 1.2mm No 4 finish Stainless Steel.

  • Supply air distributed via Coanda face of hood at low velocity.

  • Requires 30% to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional canopies.

  • Veritechfilters – UL and NSF classified. These Filters remove up to 80% of particles with a size of 5 microns or above thus removing most odour and grease from the discharge.

  • These filters out-perform competitors resulting in reduced duct cleaning costs and reduced risk of odour nuisance.

  • “Ready to install” standard delivery packages with lighting & commissioning ports for fast field balancing.

  • Custom dimensions to suit each application.

  • Light – 240 Volt and 10 Amp 50 Hz.

  • Low profile - Duct from front, side back or top.

  • Fire rated.

  • Unsurpassed capture rate.

  • Low air volumes.

  • Discharge into public spaces.